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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
                       POLYMER SEARCH

                      Category : Fluid Product List

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                      PRODUCT NO. Manufacturer Trade Name
                      NuSil MED-6731 Grease - Restricted Medical Use NuSil
                      Nye Lubricants 186 (SO) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
                      Nye Lubricants 531-G (NT) Synthetic Oil Nye Lubricants
                      Nye Lubricants 710R Grease Nye Lubricants
                      LyondellBasell PM Propylene glycol methyl ether LyondellBasell
                      Fine Organics FINALUX G3 Lubricant Additive Fine Organics FINALUX
                      Michelman?? Licomer?? A 623 Styrene - Acrylate copolymer dispersion Michelman? Licomer?
                      Michelman?? Licomer?? T 51 Acrylic copolymer dispersion Michelman? Licomer?
                      Michelman?? Michem?? Shield 422 Anionic dispersion of polyethylene wax Michelman? Michem? Shield
                      Lubriplate H0-5 Petroleum-Based Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oil Lubriplate Lubricants
                      Gwent Electronic Materials C2020711D3 Curable Silver Range Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
                      Gwent Electronic Materials C2060217P3 Lead-free Silver Topcoat Ink Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
                      Gwent Electronic Materials C2090428D4 Gold Ink Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
                      Henkel Turco T-4181L Liquid Alkaline Rust Remover Henkel Turco
                      Solvay Specialty Polymers FOMBLIN?? Y H-VAC 140/13 PFPE Pump Oil Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) FOMBLIN?
                      Solvay Specialty Polymers Galden?? HT270 PFPE Heat Transfer Fluid Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Galden?
                      Solvay GEROPON?? SBFA 30 Surfactant Solvay GEROPON?
                      Solvay IGEPAL?? CO 210 Surfactant Solvay IGEPAL?
                      Solvay MACKAM?? 50UL Surfactant Solvay MACKAM?
                      Solvay REPEL-O-TEX?? SF2 Surfactant Solvay
                      Solvay RHODAFAC?? ASI-100 Octyl phosphonic acid Solvay
                      Solvay RHODAPON?? ALSA/K Surfactant Solvay
                      ExxonMobil Exxon Hyjet V
                      ExxonMobil 21 Mobil DTE 20 Series
                      Chesterton 292 Precision Degreasing Solvent Chesterton
                      Dow Corning XIAMETER? PMCPPMX-0344 Cyclosiloxane Blend Dow Corning XIAMETER?
                      Dow Corning XIAMETER? PMCPPMX-200 1CS Silicone Fluid Dow Corning XIAMETER?
                      ChevronTexaco 100 Aircraft Engine Oils Premium AD ChevronTexaco Corp
                      ChevronTexaco 46 AW Hydraulic Oil ChevronTexaco Corp
                      ChevronTexaco Delo? 1000 Marine Engine Oil, SAE 40 ChevronTexaco Corp Delo?
                      ChevronTexaco ISO 68 Refrigeration Oil WF ChevronTexaco Corp
                      ExxonMobil 797 Mobil DTE 790 Series ExxonMobil
                      ExxonMobil Mobil Rarus 1026 SHC 1000 Series ExxonMobil Mobil Rarus
                      ConocoPhillips ANDEROL? 783-1 Series Synthetic Food Grade Greases, NLGI Grade 1 ConocoPhillips ANDEROL?
                      ChevronTexaco Doro? AR SAE 30 ChevronTexaco Corp Doro? AR
                      ChevronTexaco Sugartex? ChevronTexaco Corp Sugartex?
                      ExxonMobil 630 Mobil SHC 600 Series ExxonMobil
                      ConocoPhillips 90 Transmission Oil ConocoPhillips
                      ConocoPhillips Hydroclear? 100 Turbine Oil ConocoPhillips Hydroclear?
                      BASF DiethylenetriaminE BASF
                      BASF Diisopropanolamine S BASF
                      BASF DMF-DM 1,1-Dimethoxy-N,N-dimethyl methanamine BASF
                      Celanese 50000489 Trimethylamine Anhydrous Celanese Corporation
                      BASF Lupranate? 5020 Isocyanate BASF Lupranate?
                      Celanese Flexabond? 95 Styrene Acrylic Emulsion for Paper Packaging Adhesives Celanese Corporation Flexabond?
                      3M Novec? Contact Cleaner Plus 3M Novec?
                      Gwent Electronic Materials C2080415D2 Silver Counter Electrode Paste Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.
                      Solvay Specialty Polymers FOMBLIN? W800 PFPE Lubricant Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) FOMBLIN?
                      Lubriplate MAG-00 Lithium-Polymer Type Grease For Special Applications / Conditions Lubriplate Lubricants
                      Solvay RHODASURF? 91-6 Surfactant Solvay
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