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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
                       POLYMER SEARCH

                      Manufacturer : Goodfellow Product List

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                      PRODUCT NO. Category Trade Name
                      Goodfellow Aluminum 50/Iron 50 Alloy Aluminum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Aluminum 50/Nickel 50 Alloy Nickel Alloy
                      Goodfellow Aluminum-Copper/SiC Metal Matrix Composite Aluminum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Aluminum-Lithium/SiC Metal Matrix Composite Aluminum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Awa?, Nickeloid?, Simlet?, Spedex? Nickel Silver Copper Alloy Awa?, Nickeloid?, Simlet?, Spedex?
                      Goodfellow Carbon/Vinyl Ester Tube Carbon Fiber/Thermoset Composite
                      Goodfellow Carbon-Carbon Composite Carbon Fiber/Thermoset Composite
                      Goodfellow Cobalt 79/Aluminum 21 Alloy Cobalt Alloy
                      Goodfellow Cobalt/Silicon/Boron/Iron/Nickel Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
                      Goodfellow Cobalt/Silicon/Boron/Manganese Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
                      Goodfellow Copelmet? Tungsten 72/Copper 28 Alloy Tungsten Alloy Copelmet?
                      Goodfellow Copper 70/Iron 30 Alloy Copper Alloy
                      Goodfellow Iron 40/Nickel 38/Boron 18 Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
                      Goodfellow Iron 50/Nickel 50 Alloy Nickel Alloy
                      Goodfellow Iron 55/Nickel 45 Alloy Iron Base
                      Goodfellow Iron 58/Nickel 42 Alloy Iron Base
                      Goodfellow Molybdenum 80/Titanium 20 Alloy Molybdenum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Molybdenum 90/Titanium 10 Alloy Molybdenum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Nanocrystalline Nickel Pure Element
                      Goodfellow Nichrome?, Tophet A? Nickel 80 Chromium 20 Alloy Nickel Alloy Nichrome?, Tophet A?
                      Goodfellow Nickel 52/Iron 48 Alloy Nickel Alloy
                      Goodfellow Nickel 75/Manganese 25 Alloy Nickel Alloy
                      Goodfellow Nickel 80/Molybdenum 20 Alloy Nickel Alloy
                      Goodfellow Platinum 92/Tungsten 8 Alloy Platinum Alloy
                      Goodfellow T2-Thermocouple Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy
                      Goodfellow Tin 60/Lead 39/Antimony 1 Alloy Tin Alloy
                      Goodfellow Titanium 90/Vanadium 10 Alloy Titanium Alloy
                      Goodfellow TPX? MX002O Polymethylpentene Polymethylpentene, Molded TPX?
                      Goodfellow Tungsten 75/Rhenium 25 Alloy Tungsten Alloy
                      Goodfellow Zirconium 70/Nickel 30 Alloy Zirconium Alloy
                      Goodfellow Copper 70/Zirconium 30 Alloy Copper Alloy
                      Goodfellow Copper 87/Zirconium 13 Alloy Copper Alloy
                      Goodfellow Evanohm? Precision Resistance Nickel Alloy Electronic/Magnetic Alloy Evanohm?
                      Goodfellow Platinum 94/Rhodium 6 Thermocouple Alloy Platinum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN) Film Film
                      Goodfellow Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF) Film Fluoropolymer
                      Goodfellow Roses Metal (Bi, Pb, Sn) Alloy Bismuth Alloy
                      Goodfellow Tantalum 90/Tungsten 10 Alloy Refractory Metal
                      Goodfellow Tungsten 90/Chromium 10 Alloy Tungsten Alloy
                      Goodfellow Tungsten 95/Titanium 5 Alloy Tungsten Alloy
                      Goodfellow Aluminum 75/Silicon 25 Alloy Aluminum Alloy
                      Goodfellow Carbon/Epoxy Composite Rod Carbon Fiber/Thermoset Composite
                      Goodfellow Chromium 80/Aluminum 20 Alloy Nonferrous Metal
                      Goodfellow Copper 85/Silicon 15 Alloy Copper Alloy
                      Goodfellow Copper 98/Silver 2 Alloy Copper Alloy
                      Goodfellow Titanium 65/Aluminum 35 Alloy Titanium Alloy
                      Goodfellow Titanium 78/Aluminum 22 Alloy Titanium Alloy
                      Goodfellow Titanium 88/Aluminum 12 Alloy Titanium Alloy
                      Goodfellow Titanium 80/Chromium 20 Alloy Titanium Alloy
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