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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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                      Addcomp ADD-VANCE? SA 420 Slip/anti-block additive

                      Category Other Engineering Material , Additive/Filler for Polymer
                      Manufacturer Addcomp
                      Trade Name ADD-VANCE?
                      Port Shanghai port,China
                      Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
                      Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
                      Download PDF Addcomp ADD-VANCE? SA 420 Slip/anti-block additive.pdf
                      Price EMAIL US    sales@www.akotv.net
                        Online Service   lookpolymers   27660005
                      Material Notes:
                      Fields of application: Improves slip and anti-block properties of thermoplastics. It can also be used as a release agent for injection molded products.Examples: (L)LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, HIPS, TPO, ABS and other thermoplastics which are processed in films, sheets, profiles, injection molded products, etc.Mode of action and advantages: ADD-VANCE SA 420 provides slip and anti-block properties. ADD-VANCE SA 420 reduces friction between two surfaces for instance between polymer and metal. As a consequence the slip properties of the product are improvedAdvantages: Excellent anti-block properties, already at low dosing rates; Excellent organoleptic properties; Good printability; Non-toxic and non-corrosive; Injection molding: also improved demoulding and product release; Non-sticking pellets, dust free dosing; and Safe and easy handlingRegulations: ADD-VANCE SA 420 is suitable for food packaging products as the active ingredients are in compliance with current food contact regulations.Information provided by ADDCOMP
                      Processing Properties Metric English Comments
                      Processing Temperature <= 220 °C
                      <= 428 °F
                      Descriptive Properties Value Comments
                      Appearance White to off-white granules
                      Dosing Level 0.3-1%
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