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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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                      Arkema Group OREVAC? 18910 Maleic Anhydride Modified Copolymer

                      Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoplastic , Polyethylene (PE) , Anhydride-Modified Polyethylene , SMA Polymer
                      Manufacturer Arkema
                      Trade Name OREVAC?
                      Port Shanghai port,China
                      Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
                      Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
                      Download PDF Arkema Group OREVAC? 18910 Maleic Anhydride Modified Copolymer.pdf
                      Price EMAIL US    sales@www.akotv.net
                        Online Service   lookpolymers   27660005
                      Material Notes:
                      OREVAC? 18910 is anhydride modified copolymer based on styrenic and ethylenic copolymers. It is available in pellet form for use in conventional extrusion and coextrusion equipment designed to process polyolefin resins. OREVAC? 18910 is typically used as adhesive to bond PS, PE, EVOH and PA in coextruded multilayer structures like films or sheets.Information provided by Arkema Group
                      Physical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Density 0.950 g/cc

                      @Temperature 23.0 °C
                      0.0343 lb/in3

                      @Temperature 73.4 °F
                      ISO 1183
                      Melt Index of Compound 1.0 g/10 min

                      @Load 2.16 kg,
                      Temperature 190 °C
                      1.0 g/10 min

                      @Load 4.76 lb,
                      Temperature 374 °F
                      ISO 1133
                      Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
                      Melting Point 117 °C
                      243 °F
                      Vicat Softening Point 77.0 °C
                      171 °F
                      ISO 306
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