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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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                      Lord Adhesives 307 General Purpose, Medium Viscosity Hardener for Lord 305-1

                      Category Polymer , Adhesive , Thermoset , Epoxy , Epoxy Adhesive
                      Manufacturer Lord Adhesives
                      Trade Name
                      Port Ningbo port,China
                      Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
                      Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
                      Download PDF Lord Adhesives 307 General Purpose, Medium Viscosity Hardener for Lord 305-1.pdf
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                      Material Notes:
                      Lord Epoxy AdhesivesLord?? Epoxy Adhesives create superior bonds for rubber, SMC, plastics and metals. Our epoxy adhesives are widely used in the automotive industry, over 10 million cars and light- and heavy-duty trucks feature body panels bonded with Lord Epoxy Adhesives. Key benefits are: High Strength Bonds: Their load-bearing properties are equal to, or exceed, many of the substrates they bond. Excellent Environmental and Chemical Resistance: They resist the effects of dilute acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, oils, moisture, sunlight, and weathering. Lord Epoxy Adhesives provide optimal performance in service temperatures up to 400?°F (204?°C). Improved Aesthetics for Bonded Assemblies: Lord Epoxy adhesives eliminate the distortion, discoloration and surface marring common to mechanical fastening methods such as screw heads, bolts, and welds. Uniform contact between substrates: They fill irregular contours, ensuring uniform contact where substrate surfaces do not mate--critical to many combinations of wood, fabric, rubber, ceramic, glass and foams. Flexible Cure Rates: They cure at room temperature or elevated temperature (which provides the highest possible bond strength and impact resistance. Low shrinkage and good creep properties. 100% solids formulation to meet VOC regulation.Lord Adhesives 307 General Purpose, Medium Viscosity Hardener for Lord 305-1Mix Ratio by Volume = 1:1 Viscosity, Density, and Flashpoint Data given for Resin only (not mixed) Typical Use: General purpose for bonding rubber prepared with Lord 7701 or 7707 surface treatment.
                      Physical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Density 1.16 g/cc
                      0.0420 lb/in?3
                      Viscosity 10000 - 18000 cP
                      10000 - 18000 cP
                      Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
                      Flash Point 93.0 ?°C
                      199 ?°F
                      Processing Properties Metric English Comments
                      Cure Time 480 min
                      8.00 hour
                      Pot Life 60 - 120 min
                      60 - 120 min
                      Time before parts must be mated
                      Descriptive Properties Value Comments
                      Color Clear
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