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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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                      Parylene Coating Services C Poly (P-Xylylene)

                      Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Poly (P-Xylylene)
                      Manufacturer Parylene Coating Services, Inc. (PCS)
                      Trade Name
                      Port Ningbo port,China
                      Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
                      Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
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                      Material Notes:
                      Monomer is monochloro para-xylylene. Parylene C is recommended where excellent barrier protection is needed. It can be used up to 125°C where oxygen is present.Parylene is a generic name for poly-para-xylylene polymers used as conformal coatings in protective applications.The coating process exposes objects to the gas-phase monomer at low pressure. Through vacuum deposition, Parylene condenses on the surface in a polycrystalline fashion, providing a coating that is truly conformal and pinhole free.Compared to liquid processes, the effects of gravity and surface tension are negligible -- so there is no bridging, thin-out, pinholes, puddling, run-off or sagging. And, since the process takes place at room temperature, there is no thermal or mechanical stress on the object.Parylene is physically stable and chemically inert within its usable temperature range. Parylene provides excellent protection from moisture, salt spray, corrosive vapors, solvents, airborne contaminants and other hostile environments.Property data obtained following ASTM methods. Information provided by Parylene Coating Services, Inc. (PCS)
                      Physical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Density 1.289 g/cc
                      0.04657 lb/in3
                      Water Absorption 0.060 %
                      0.060 %
                      0.029 inches; 24 hrs.
                      Moisture Vapor Transmission 0.0551 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      0.140 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      37°C; 90% RH
                      Oxygen Transmission 2.80 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      7.10 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Nitrogen Transmission 0.374 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      0.950 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Carbon Dioxide Transmission 3.03 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      7.70 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Hydrogen Sulfide Transmission 5.12 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      13.0 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Sulfur Dioxide Transmission 4.33 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      11.0 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Chlorine Transmission 0.138 cc-mm/m2-24hr-atm
                      0.350 cc-mil/100 in2-24hr-atm
                      Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Tensile Strength, Ultimate 68.9 MPa
                      10000 psi
                      Tensile Strength, Yield 55.2 MPa
                      8000 psi
                      Elongation at Break 200 %
                      200 %
                      Elongation at Yield 2.9 %
                      2.9 %
                      Tensile Modulus 3.20 GPa
                      464 ksi
                      Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic 0.29
                      Coefficient of Friction, Static 0.29
                      Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
                      CTE, linear 35.0 μm/m-°C

                      @Temperature 20.0 °C
                      19.4 μin/in-°F

                      @Temperature 68.0 °F
                      Thermal Conductivity 0.0820 W/m-K
                      0.569 BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F
                      Melting Point 290 °C
                      554 °F
                      Maximum Service Temperature, Air 125 °C
                      257 °F
                      Optical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Refractive Index 1.639
                      Transmission, Visible 90 %
                      90 %
                      Optically clear, but reports do not quantify.
                      Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Volume Resistivity 6.00e+16 ohm-cm
                      6.00e+16 ohm-cm
                      50% RH
                      Surface Resistance 1.00e+15 ohm
                      1.00e+15 ohm
                      50% RH
                      Dielectric Constant 2.95

                      @Frequency 1e+6 Hz

                      @Frequency 1e+6 Hz

                      @Frequency 1000 Hz

                      @Frequency 1000 Hz

                      @Frequency 60 Hz

                      @Frequency 60 Hz
                      Dielectric Strength 268 kV/mm
                      6800 kV/in
                      Short Time; 1 mil
                      Dissipation Factor 0.013

                      @Frequency 1e+6 Hz

                      @Frequency 1e+6 Hz

                      @Frequency 1000 Hz

                      @Frequency 1000 Hz

                      @Frequency 60 Hz

                      @Frequency 60 Hz
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