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                      Songhan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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                      Solvay Specialty Polymers Ixef? 5002 Polyarylamide (PARA), 20% GlassPTFE  (discontinued **)

                      Category Polymer , Thermoplastic , Polyarylamide (PAA) , Polyarylamide, Glass Fiber Filled
                      Trade Name
                      Port Shanghai port,China
                      Trade Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
                      Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
                      Download PDF Solvay Specialty Polymers Ixef? 5002 Polyarylamide (PARA), 20% GlassPTFE  (discontinued **).pdf
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                      Material Notes:
                      Ixef 5002 is a 20% glass-fiber reinforced, PTFE modified polyarylamide which exhibits very good mechanical performance, very good surface gloss, and superior wear properties.- Natural: Ixef 5002/0085- Custom ColorableFeatures: Good Chemical Resistance; Good Creep Resistance; Good Dimensional Stability; Good Wear Resistance; High Flow; High Stiffness; High Strength; Low Friction; Low Moisture Absorption; Outstanding Surface FinishUses: Appliance Components; Appliances; Automotive Applications; Automotive Electronics; Bushings; Business Equipment; Cams; Cell Phones; Electrical Housing; Electrical/Electronic Applications; Furniture; Gears; Industrial Applications; Lawn and Garden Equipment; Machine/Mechanical Parts; Metal Replacement; Power/Other ToolsAvailability: Africa & Middle East; Asia Pacific; Europe; North America; South AmericaHot Runners: 250°C to 260°C (482°F to 500°F)Injection Pressure: rapidDryingThe material as supplied is ready for molding without drying. However, If the bags have been open for longer than 24 hours, the material needs to be dried. When using a desiccant air dryer with dew point of -28°C (-18°F) or lower, these guidelines can be followed: 0.5-1.5 hour at 120°C (248°F), 1-3 hours at 100°C (212°F), or 1-7 hours at 80°C (176°F).Injection MoldingIXEF 5002 compound can be readily injection molded in most screw injection molding machines. A general purpose screw is recommended, with minimum back pressure. The measured melt temperature should be about 280°C (536°F), and the barrel temperatures should be around 250°C to 260°C (482°F to 500°F) in the rear zone, gradually increasing to 260°C to 290°C (500°F to 554°F) in the front zone. If hot runners are used, they should be set to 250°C to 260°C (482°F to 500°F).To maximize crystallinity, the temperature of the mold cavity surface must be held between 120°C and 140°C (248°F and 284°F). Molding at lower temperatures will produce articles that may warp, have poor surface appearance, and have a greater tendency to creep. Set injection pressure to give rapid injection. Adjust holding pressure and hold time to maximize part weight. Transfer from injection to hold pressure at the screw position just before the part is completely filled (95%-99%).Information provide by Solvay Specialty Polymers
                      Physical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Density 1.51 g/cc
                      0.0546 lb/in3
                      ISO 1183
                      Water Absorption 0.22 %
                      0.22 %
                      24 hrs; ISO 62
                      Linear Mold Shrinkage 0.0020 - 0.0040 cm/cm
                      0.0020 - 0.0040 in/in
                      ISO 294-4
                      Mechanical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Tensile Strength at Break 135 MPa
                      19600 psi
                      ISO 527-2
                      Elongation at Break 2.2 %
                      2.2 %
                      ISO 527-2
                      Tensile Modulus 10.0 GPa
                      1450 ksi
                      ISO 527-2
                      Flexural Strength 215 MPa
                      31200 psi
                      ISO 178
                      Flexural Modulus 8.00 GPa
                      1160 ksi
                      ISO 178
                      Izod Impact, Notched 0.600 J/cm
                      1.12 ft-lb/in
                      ASTM D256
                      Izod Impact, Unnotched 3.70 J/cm
                      6.93 ft-lb/in
                      ASTM D256
                      Thermal Properties Metric English Comments
                      CTE, linear, Parallel to Flow 29.0 μm/m-°C
                      16.1 μin/in-°F
                      ISO 11359-2
                      Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi) 220 °C
                      428 °F
                      Unannealed; ISO 75-2/A
                      Oxygen Index 23 %
                      23 %
                      ISO 4598-2
                      Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
                      Volume Resistivity 1.00e+15 ohm-cm
                      1.00e+15 ohm-cm
                      IEC 60093
                      Dielectric Constant 3.9

                      @Frequency 110 Hz

                      @Frequency 110 Hz
                      IEC 60250
                      Dielectric Strength 28.0 kV/mm
                      711 kV/in
                      IEC 60243-1
                      Dissipation Factor 0.015

                      @Frequency 110 Hz

                      @Frequency 110 Hz
                      IEC 60250
                      Comparative Tracking Index 600 V
                      600 V
                      IEC 60112
                      Processing Properties Metric English Comments
                      Rear Barrel Temperature 250 - 260 °C
                      482 - 500 °F
                      Front Barrel Temperature 260 - 290 °C
                      500 - 554 °F
                      Melt Temperature 280 °C
                      536 °F
                      Mold Temperature 120 - 140 °C
                      248 - 284 °F
                      Drying Temperature 120 °C
                      248 °F
                      Dry Time 0.500 - 1.50 hour
                      0.500 - 1.50 hour
                      Descriptive Properties Value Comments
                      Additional Properties Moisture Absorption - Internal Method: 1.8?%
                      Appearance Colors Available; Natural Color
                      Forms Pellets
                      Processing Method Injection Molding
                      RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliant
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